Last day of Ramadan… And hopefully the last day of being the only one on the 5am bus into work

Currently reading: Ruse by Robert Kerbeck ūüďö.. Surely a movie based on this is inevitable?

Crathes, once upon a spring morning…

How to Heal: A Poem | Some days it will seem that you are getting more wounded for the searching, but this is healing.

The graveyard of things:


On Leaving. Revisiting the few thoughts I had nigh on three years ago when I packed up my life and became a prodigal abroad

One random day on which I got dragged out in Lagos

Fedora 38 beta on the 2017 pixelbook. #Rescued

Another death in my friends of friends circle leaves me going back to Christian Wiman’s wonderfully reflective poem, “All My Friends Are Finding New Beliefs”

Currently listening to: Sufficient for Today

Coming of age in the early 1990’s Lentini’s was a name I was vaguely aware of.. Good to reminisce about a ‘generational talent’ | Gianluigi Lentini: The rise and fall of the world’s most expensive player

Offshore Days


Mirror: Today’s March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge prompt by @meandering

Empty Bus Days

For Day 28 of the March Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt is prompt, suggested by Jatan, aka @moonmehta.

Thanks to Ramadan, we wake up promptly at 4am these days to catch the 5 o’clock bus into work…Most days, it is deserted. I get the full run of the bus

Support….. In a manner of speaking…

Sometimes a strong wind from the North comes, blowing away anything not tethered to the ground. The solution, two bricks as supports

For the March Photoblogging Challenge prompt, spice. #mbar


Strong language…


Re-reading Teju Cole’s “Everyday is for the Thief” brings back floods of memory of trawling The Wayback Machine for snapshots of the blog/travelouge before it became a book.

It is a tiny book - all of 163 pages - and grew from the tiny seed of a blog. I guess that counts for today’s prompt by @jasonmcfadden which is tiny.

Little Bits of Spring

Winter out here is slowly slipping away, the halcyon days of pleasant twenty-five degree mid-day weather replaced by mid day temperatures in the low thirties. Truth be told, these are not hot enough to be unpleasant yet, thanks to the low humidity and the wind which lingers. It thus felt like the right time to nip back home, to get a dose of wet, cold and windy for the long run coming. After the desert, nothing quite beats a run by the River Wey. Not quite house plants, but plenty of vegetation.

I suppose that counts for the March 20 prompt, houseplants by @jensands


Analog, for the March 2023 Photo Challenge Prompt by @skarjune

For better or for worse, the only place I still have an analog clock is at work, where the battery operated clock fails spectacurlarly to keep the right time, several battery changes notwithstanding. Even then, twice a day as they say, it still keeps the right time. If there is a moral to the story, I suppose it is that not everything that seems right is right…


It is never really until whatever flight I am on is hovering over Heathrow that I let myself go and begin to think of home. To my mind, the most likely reason for that is a fairly long history - now - of having lived in many places which were never really home. The current iteration of this is is a shadow of a Wadi somewhere, where one is as likely to be held up a long trail of camels crossing a road as to be in long tail backs from cars a few kilometres further in the centre of the city.

One would like to think of Home as a permanent place, a centre where one returns to from time to time as the pendulum that is the orbit of life swings to and fro. But I am learning that perhaps every pit stop on the swing of life is a little home, really

Just another day in the shadow of a Wadi..